29 December 2011

2011 reading list: books that fell off the list

I was excited enough about each of these to think I might read it "next", and even started some, but they didn't take. Maybe another time....

Yann Martel, Life of Pi. New York: 2001, Harcourt.
A Booker Prize winner, with tiger! Picked it up, enjoyed a few chapters, but didn't pick it up again.

The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Banks. New York: 1986, Quality Paperback Book Club.
Ecstatic 13th Century Sufi poet deserved much more than my idle flipping though the book and forgetting it.

A.S. Byatt, The Biographer's Tale. New York: 2001, Alfred A. Knopf.
A Booker Prize winner writing about a man writing about a man writing about a man sounds like I will love it, if I ever get to reading it.

Alastair Reynolds, Chasm City. New York: 2002, Ace.
A follow-up to Revelation Space that explores the Melding Plague, it finally went back to its owner after months of false starts.